Kingfisher Quay Minutes – 29th January 2015

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Kingfisher Quay – Minutes of meeting called by John Kingdom in Oreston Church Hall 29th January 2015 at 7.30pm

Members present No 18, 16 ,5, 33,23,65,57,62,60
Apologies received from 44
Meeting opened at 7.30 by Chairperson John Kingdom 62
Directors present Jackie Applebee and Wendy Colwell.

John  62 explained that he called the meeting because the Management Committee needed more Directors and he wanted to step down as Chairperson due to personal reasons.

Wendy 57 explained it was always the Directors  aim to maintain the standards on the estate, keeping the value of our properties a priority. If we don’t have more voting directors then we will have no choice, but to look into a property maintenance company taking on the task. Members could certainly expect a rise  in maintenance costs if this was actioned.

Sandra 5 asked about the flower bed in front of No 3,5,7,9 as this was dangerous.
(Jackie 65 said she would action this by obtaining quotes)

John suggested that we had a Cheese and Wine evening, Jackie suggested that we look at the legal practice of this  as it could be seen as miss-appropriation of funds, and emphasized it was not the role of the Directors to arrange social events, although she recognized the value of social events for all residents.

‘The role of Directors ‘ was explained by Jackie 65 and it was made very clear we needed more Directors.

Phil  No 60 asked if there was a copy of the guidelines the directors were working to as he had been communicating with Mike   who has now resigned as a Director

Shelley33, mentioned the ‘eye saw’ of the new fence at the side if the Coastal Path and that dogs were now going under the fence and owners were not climbing the fence to clear up.
John remarked that ‘ dog owners were the worst people’. (Jackie said she would look at this and possible alternatives to stop dogs entering the area under the fence,)

Brian 23 spoke about the parking on the small piece of land by the salt bin-
(Jackie 65 would action this)

Jackie 65 paid compliments to the team that presented the case for the Radford Quarry Inquiry. The meeting is to continue on March 30th for 3 days and support would be appreciated at the Guild Hall.

John 62 voiced his disappointment regarding the lack of members present and that he paid £25 for the hall.  There were various comments re complacency of members and a general discussion evolved. Shelley33 offered her home as a meeting venue. Jackie suggested that a follow up meeting was held after Directors meeting to feed back decisions that members had put forward.

Members will be given dates of next meeting and a follow up meeting will be held providing a venue is found.

Meeting closed at 8.30 pm and everyone was thanked for coming.

The directors undertake this work as a voluntary role.

Hours put in during month of January 2015
Chris/ Fiona 20
John 11
Wendy 5
Jackie 0


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