‘Beach Clean’ Saturday 18th April!

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Please clean my Beach!

Hooe Lake & Radford Lake are in need of a clean! There is a beach clean on Saturday 18th April at 9 – 9:30 am – Meet at the Castle

If you enjoy the area, and use it, please come and help, we need all the support we can get.  Wear old clothes and stout shoes. Rubber gloves, waste bags & pickers will be provided.

All hands welcome, the more the better, whatever the weather!

Litter on our Radford & Hooe Lake is not only unsightly, it is endangering our wildlife, some of our best-loved marine wildlife is generally under threat from  waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in litter.  Help us to play a part  in turning the tide on litter.

Any queries please leave a comment below.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Wear old clothes and stout shoes. Rubber gloves, waste bags & pickers will be provided. Thank you for coming to help. Unfortunately I can’t make it on this occasion, however ask for Jackie who can advise you. Thanks

  2. Mandy says:

    This will be my first time helping with the beach clean on Saturday, do we need to bring anything?

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Barbara, There will be an update email going out shortly. We will also discuss the possibility of a meeting and will let you know if there are any planned. Many thanks.

  4. MS barbara osborne says:

    I haven’t been receiving any emails
    Of events but I see you have a beach clean up
    Which I will happily attend.

    I have some concerns with incidents happening on
    Hooe lake and wonder if there are any meetings coming
    Up which I can be involved in? Many thanks

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