Planning Application Radford Castle

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Application Summary Application Number: 21/00261/FUL 

Proposal: Conversion and extension to form a holiday let and associated works
Case Officer: Mr Chris Cummings


Our main concern regarding this proposal is the impact that the development will have on the highly sensitive areas that surround it.

Radford Castle is the focal point of FIVE County Wildlife Sites (CWS):  Hooe Lake, Radford Lake, Radford Quarry, Ashery Woods and Radford woods, areas of land that are rich in diverse wildlife, notable plant species, nesting and wintering birds. All of these sites are special in terms of their character, biodiversity and ecology, all networked together to form a unique inner-city space from the land to the sea.

These CWS sites along with Radford Park form one of Plymouth’s most important areas of green infrastructure and one of the few remaining with direct water frontage. 

We believe that Radford Castle and its immediate vicinity must be viewed and treated in a similar vein to that of a National Trust property and any actions taken should be with that perspective in mind. 

Beauty Spot
The Castle is a local beauty spot on the SW Coastal Foot Path and is used by visitors from all walks of life, from joggers, cyclists and walkers to artists, wildlife & scenic photographers. It is even a popular spot for wedding photos.

The main concern is what the future holds for the associated private land/car park?
For the last four months, it has been used by two food and drinks vendors, four days a week, bringing issues such as congestion, noise, litter, and parking problems; generally upsetting the tranquility of the park and disturbing the wildlife.

Unfortunately, the current backdrop for the castle has become 24/7 parking for the food vendors’ commercial vehicles showing little or no respect for this beautiful area or for those that use it. This is one of Plymouth’s most unique and historic sites and to have white vans and trading vehicles continually parked there is incongruous and an eyesore. 

In one respect, the current proposal should be welcomed and embraced as it secures the future of the castle and stops it from falling into disrepair, unlike the Armoury ruins on Radford Lake and the long-gone historic Radford House which have been the victims of neglect. 

HOWEVER, with no mention or assurance of what the future holds for the castle’s private land, the fear is that commercial activity would grow, and further initiatives and developments would later be proposed, bringing disruption and negative impact to the beauty spot, the wildlife, habitats, and the effect on the County Wildlife Sites in general.

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