Radford Park Group – Minutes 30th August 2017

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Radford Park Group
Minutes of meeting held at Pomplett Church  @1900hrs  on Wednesday 30th August 2017

Minutes taken by Jackie Applebee – funding bid writer
Brian Steele- local history specialist re Radford Park
Gordon Miller- resident of the park and part of the park all his life
Linda Martin – wildlife volunteer
John Voaden- accounts and money matters

Mintues were adopted as a true record of the meeting held on

reference Points discussed Action/ person responsible
1 Meeting opened at 7pm

Caroline Fiske

Phil Lamerton

Apologies from John Gardner – Ashery Woods Guardian

Lynn Neville


Neil and Cathy Sandle- web page input wrote to Debbie and Mike

Debbie Mason- Chairperson

Mike George- designer of hooelake.org website

It was suggested Jackie email and ask if we could possibly have an input on Hooe Lake .org
2.Bank account Linda agreed to be the third signatory on the bank account as a meeting had been arranged for the coming week. John Voaden

Brian Steele and Linda Martin

3. Constitution Jackie had amended the rough constitution based on Johns observations and input and it was agreed that it would be satisfactory for the purpose of opening a bank account and can be reviewed at any time depending on the due purpose John Voaden to make appointment. Debby and Brian to be further signatories
4. Compost heaps Colin Johnson from the city Council said the compost heaps could be placed anywhere in the park, but following on from advice form ‘Dig It ‘ a community growing programme in Devonport Park it was best to keep the cuttings in the dumpy bags, they will soon rot down and prevent re rooting bramble
5. Venue for next meeting Brian suggested the venue we had was acceptable and would be good to see if we could meet there again John actioned this
6. considering people with dementia Jackie presented the thought that we should look at making one pathway suitable for people with dementia (its incorrect to use the term dementia sufferers) It is in the constitution that the park should be accessible to all and at present disabled, wheelchair users, post op , children walking to school via muddy paths, people with dementia are excluded. It was suggested Claire Puckey from Plymouth City Council was invited to speak to the committee.

There are required standards for catering for people with Dementia and if these were adopted as a base line for any future work , all members would gain… thus achieving one of the goals set.

Jackie to invite Claire
7. creeping ash disease Ashery Woods and creeping ash disease identified by Plymouth Tree partnership
8. Stealing wood that John Gardner and volunteers have prepared for edging paths…. There is nothing we can do about this except explain to people what we are using the wood for. With the growth of wood burners this is not going to stop.
9. funding Jackie Applebee reported on the points that make funding applications successful and perhaps the committee could decide at the next meeting what they need funding for. She was very happy to continue in this role and help in any way possible.
10 benches John Voaden commented on approaching the Council for benches as those in the park were in poor condition. Brian was concerned it did not become another ‘Jenniicliffe’, but that could easily be overcome by ascertaining the need to user and limiting the quantity. Jackie to write to Michael Leaves to see if its possible to make Radford a park that will allow memorial benches.
11 Next volunteer day in November Plymouth Environmental Action team contacted, booked to lead session on 18th November 10-4pm. Money to cover this service has been raised from Michael Leaves and a donation from a resident. Chris at Beckly Centre at 10 am.
12 notepaper Brain offered to design headed notepaper for the project. Completed
13 Next volunteer morning  16/9/2017 Completed see agenda
Meeting closed at 19.50 hrs


Points to be raised at next meeting from minute!

1 Jackie emailed Mike and Debbie, but had no reply regarding information of RPAG going onto Hooelake .org. This should really be followed up as Liam has come forward to help us with social media work

  1. Update on bank account John Voaden
  2. Claire Puckey unable to attend the meeting on the 13th, but happy to talk to the group. Important to her as she is a Plymstock resident.

7 email from Plymouth Tree Partnership with an update re creeping ash disease.

  1. Request written, but no reply from Michael Leaves…. Would you like to put this to Plymouth City Council as an open question at their meetings?



Minutes adopted as a true record of the meeting



Outline Agenda for meeting 30th August @ Pomphlett Church, Pomplett road opposite Beacon Electrical, please use side entrance at 18.00hrs.

Members present

Minutes and follow up from meeting on 2nd August 2017

Agenda after recording and adopting minutes.

  1. Presentation by Jackie Applebee based on the work and site visit  undertaken with Claire Puckey Plymouth City Council Dementia Specialist. Discussion re constitution and whether we should adopt the premise of thinking towards Radford Park being fit for dementia members.
  2. Email from Claire Puckey. Filed with these minutes.
  3. Changes to the constitution.
  4. Adoption of constitution pending changes.
  5. Replies to press release,  September _ Brian Steele
  6. Organiser for next provisional Volunteer day November 18th Lead by Plymouth Environmental action Group 10-4pm
  7. Discussion re Jackie Applebee remaining as bid writer for funding on the basis she will not be resident in Plymouth after 18th September 2017
  8. Correspondence
  9. AOB


Prepared by Jackie Applebee



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