Plan for bugs to flourish in Radford Park

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Picture of a meadow in bloomBuglife, who have their southwest office in Plymouth are working with Plymouth City Council on plans to re-create an area of wild flower meadow in Radford Park, above Radford Quarry.

A massive 3,000,000 hectares of flower-rich grassland have been lost in the UK since World War Two – these flower-rich areas were vital habitats for wild bees and other insects to nest and feed. As a result this has caused large declines in UK pollinators as well as other invertebrates. – See more at:

With funding from the Centrica Langage energy plant Big Greenspace Challenge, Buglife plan to recreate an area of flower rich meadow for bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinating insects.

Feedback we have received so far has been very supportive but what do you think?

Buglife are keen to hear what local people think of this idea.

  • How do you currently use Radford Park?
  • Would you like to see an area of meadow within the park?
  • Would you like to get involved in help create an area of meadow?

Please email your thoughts, comments and contact details to or leave a comment here

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  1. Ros Dow says:

    I think a wild flower meadow is an excellent idea and John and I would be ready to assist.

  2. Alison Hanson says:

    I would love to see a wild meadow in Radford Park; my grandfather, some of his brothers and their father all worked at Radford and Hooe quarries in the early 20th century, and had allotments with poultry at Radford. As the one remaining chap (now 98) will tell us, all the area in those days “was almost all fields”. The presence of a meadow will give the remaining wildlife a much-needed chance to do just that, remain! Otherwise, the way things are going, there will be almost nothing ‘wild’ left.

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