Nuthatch clearing nest & feeding it’s chicks

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Nuthatch Disposing of the food waste

Nuthatch disposing of the fecal sac from its nest

I have been watching this nuthatch site at the Radford Dip Reserve for around three years this is the closest I have come so far in trying to record a good image or two of their habits. After going inside to feed the chicks the parents will bring the food waste out and dispose of it on the tree bark therefore other insects then investigate and are caught as prey by the parents. On counting their visits to and from the nest site I am up to six in eight minutes.

Nuthatch Clearing Its nest

Nuthatch clearing its nest

There are roughly 14 days till the young will appear that’s worth waiting for, I will try my luck again soon.

Radford & Hooe Lake Nuthatch

Radford & Hooe Lake Nuthatch

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