Oreston and Pomphlett roundabout rush hour traffic.

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An ever increasing problem for drivers from Oreston, Radford, Plymstock and surrounding areas is the build up of traffic on to Pomphlett roundabout. The traffic situation at peak times has been bad for a long time now even prior to the workings of the East End Transport Scheme.  It will only be exacerbated further by the Sherford development.

If you have been stuck in traffic or are frustrated by the delays then we would urge you to make comment on the Plymouth City Council website by filling out the ‘have your say’ form here.
Also please add a comment at the bottom of this post so we can add some awareness and weight to the growing problem.

A common sight at Oreston & Pomphlett

One Hooelake subscriber writes…
You may be interested in the reply I had regarding the wretched rush hour traffic at oreston and Pomphlett roundabout and plans (or not) for improvements!  I have pasted reply below. I am not happy with the response and will carry on complaining until they do something about it. If other commuters are also frustrated by the blocked roundabouts in the morning and queues to get onto the bridge in the evening, I would encourage them to also complain! They should do so to the council on the on-line site ideally.

When the Sherford new community of thousands of houses is built, the kingsbridge road over Laira Bridge will be so busy as to cut off oreston/radford at peak times and seriously slow down Hooe traffic. The council will probably initially forward their comments to the developers as they have with me, but the Council contracted the developers and the scheme so I think there is more power to be gained going through them again – and again – if necessary!
Greenwave Roigers.

Plymouth City Council Reply…

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding traffic problems at Gdynia Way and Pomphlett Roundabout. As you can appreciate with a scheme of this size taking place on one of the principal routes into the city, some disruption is inevitable however we are always seeking to keep this to a minimum.
Whilst we have been able to recently reopen Gdynia Way, this does not mark the end of the project as there are still some works required to be undertaken on Gdynia Way itself with further works taking place under Phase Two of the project being undertaken on Embankment Road in and around the Prince Rock shops. Phase Three of the scheme will include the construction of a new link road along the alignment of Embankment Road.

It is anticipated that once Phase Two of the scheme is completed in March 2011, the impact on the local transport network will be reduced as Phase Three does not require construction work to be carried out on live traffic lanes. Once the Phase Three works are completed, we will be able to realise the full benefits of the scheme in terms of relieving congestion and improving public transport, walking and cycling trips

Further information about the East End Scheme can be found at:


With regard to the Pomphlett roundabout and Morrison’s’ roundabout, the East End scheme does not include improvements to these locations however, we are anticipating making significant upgrades to these junctions for local users and additional traffic anticipated from Plymstock Quarry and Sherford developments.

Jennifer Keene
Project Officer | Local Government | Amey

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  1. Brian Steele says:

    The water taxi idea is a good one particularly as there seems little chance of the traffic into Plymouth reducing. It is a pity the proposal to spend several million on repairing the rail bridge for pedestrian and cycling purposes, couldn’t be diverted to easing the traffic congestion. However at the end of the day the water taxi idea will only work if it is financially viable.

  2. Pauline Deschamps says:

    I think the idea of expanding the water taxi to include Oreston would be brilliant. Perhaps it would be possible to have the water taxi call at Oreston, even if only in the summer months. This would enable all the residents to access the City and Barbican without firing up the Car. Anyone else have an opinion?

  3. Chris says:

    How about investing in water taxis/ferries? The empty exhaust centre by the Morley Arms could act as a terminus with pick up points at Oreston, Hooe, Turnchapel, Mountbatten, and then over to Sutton Harbour.

  4. Andy says:

    how about reinstating the plymstock rail link to the city centre? isn’t it intact up to city side of laira bridge?

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