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UPDATE 9th JUNE 2015: The Appeal against the initial refusal to build in Radford Quarry has been dismissed. The Inquiry sat for 8 days on 20-22 and 26-28 January and 30-31 March 2015.

Summary of Decision: The appeal is dismissed.  SEE THE APPEAL DECISION HERE


This is one of the powerpoint presentations that we put together at the Radford Quarry Appeal on the 28th January 2015.

I post it here as I have had a few requests to see it again and also it may help other groups who are fighting similar planning appeals or fighting developers who are intent on building in our green spaces where wildlife has been left to flourish. There are references to the 2020 Biodiversity Report which may also help too.

Just to recap on the latest: Plymouth City Council unanimously rejected the original planning application last year. Wainhomes appealed and we are now in the process of a public inquiry. The decision being made by the government inspectorate. Plymouth City Council have been vigorously defending their original decision. The appeal is now in recess and will be continued on the 30th March 2015 for 3 days. The decision will then be made by the inspectorate, probably many weeks later.

Update: 12th April 2015: The Inquiry resumed for two days and finished on the 31st of March. We now have to wait for a decision to be made by the Inspectorate Gloria MacFarlane, This may still take many weeks before a final decision is made. As soon as we know the result we will post it on the website and email subscribers.

Update: 9th June 2015: Appeal Dismissed!

Please click on the link below to view the presentation. There is one slide which is a montage of all the flowers that were on the Hooe Quarry site. It is a big slide and make take minutes to load so you will have to be patient!

Note: You will need to click through or SPACEBAR through each slide to progress it.

Hope you enjoy it. Please add any comments on the presentation below.!106&app=PowerPoint

Radford Quarry Presentation Cover.




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