Turnchapel, Hooe & Oreston neighbourhood development plan – Deadline 30th March!

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It’s time to get involved and have your say regarding a document on the Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Plan for Turnchapel, Hooe and Oreston. This document outlines Plymouth County Councils assesment of the area and plans for development. There is a deadline of the 30th March 2011 to have your say and comments on the proposals for the area.  An important part of  PCC  Local Development Framework (LDF) is making sure that everyone has an opportunity to get involved. Part of the document relates to the Hooe Quarry Development.
Register online and have your say – You can register on-line here , Email:  ldf@plymouth.gov.uk or  Call 01752 304822.

Sign The Hooe Quarry Petition Here


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  1. Diana says:

    Rupert, do you know the best way to make an objection count? Please advise.

  2. Rupert says:

    Have just found this site and am really enjoying its content. Regarding the Hooe Lake development, we need to watch out for the submission of planning application to Plymouth City Council. At this point, it is really important that INDIVIDUALS make their objections known. I believe the planning process looks at numbers of objections, but a petition would be seen as one objection – not the number of those signing it. One of our local councillors is on the planning committee, but probably won’t beable to make any comments in the lead up to the May elections.

  3. claire says:

    Thats fantastic Mike!
    I have two children at Hooe primary school so will spread the word and should hopefully should get a good response. Im glad most of Hooe seems to be on the same wavelength.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Claire, I’m in the throws of sorting out an on-line petition – It will be available on this website over the next day or so… watch this space!

  5. claire says:

    Have only just discovered the proposal and heard about the development through word of mouth! Rather sneaky!
    I too am concerned about the impact this will have on Hooe after attending the meeting at M. Batten centre.
    This could affect just about everything that is valued within our area. I feel the low costing property and the mention of council housing could cause problems. Also a major factor is traffic,schools e.c.t.
    Wheres the petition? If i do not find one i will be creating one shortly! I would be keen to get involved.

  6. Steve says:

    Having seen the plans like others I’m quite horrified to think of the problems any number of homes will cause. Traffic, schooling, sewerage, local shops, youth facilities and I’m sure there are more. Barratt Homes mention section 106 which essentially provides money to improve these areas, but at the discretion of the council; with funding cuts and losing out further funding I think it is unlikely the council wouldn’t distribute the money else where in the city.
    I have been in contact with Gary Streeter, who is showing keen interest in seeing these plans reduced, however as Mike stated 150 homes is being considered realistic. I do think the community as a whole will need to get together to protest against this if we stand any chance of stopping it. A petition and plenty of word spreading would be a good place to start. Happy to get involved with this. I believe there is a turnchapel/mountbatten residents group; are they involved with anything? One collective effort would be better than many.

  7. Mike says:

    Julie, as far as I am aware there are no petitions in place. Would you be interested in setting one up? I’ll look in to an on-line version as well. Email, letter or on-line at the address above. It’s dissapointing to hear that the local councillor is pushing for 150 houses rather than none at all! The fact that Barratts have got to this stage would suggest that there are positive noises from the council.

    Steve, good to hear you have submitted feedback. Hopefully others will follow suit.

  8. JULIE GOTT says:

    Feedback to Plymouth City Council, which is the best way to do this, by letter or email?
    Also are there any petitions in place?

  9. Brinkle says:

    The display and plans regarding the Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Plan for Turnchapel, Hooe and Oreston can be seen at the community room at Plymstock Library, Horn Cross Road.
    Deadline for your thoughts & comments on the proposal is 30th March 2011

  10. Steve says:

    I have submitted my feedback to Plymouth Council, hopefully many others will do the same.
    I have also contacted our local MP, as I fear the developers often seem to have far more power in these situations than local residents.
    There are plenty of areas in Plymouth that would benefit from development, and although would not attract the same sale value for Barratt Homes that should not be a priority for Plymouth Council.

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