Hooe Quarry – F.J. Moore, Lime & Stone Merchant

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F J Moore letterhead

F J Moore letterhead

My great, great grandfather Frederick John Moore established a quarrying firm in Plymouth during the early part of the last century (F J Moore).  During the late 1950’s my grandfather also Frederick Moore sold the family firm to English China Clays (ECC). One of the many quarries that they operated in the Plymouth area was on Hooe Lake and I’ve attached a photo that I thought might interest readers. Also shown is the company letterhead from that time which shows that F.J.Moore (incorporating Sparrow & Co.) owned and worked the Limestone Quarries of Cattedown, Prince Rock, Pomphlett, Radford, Billacombe, Elburton  & Hooe.

The Limestone Quarries Provided:-
White Lime for Mortar, Plastering, Gas Works, Tanning & Agriculture.
for building, Rough & Dressed, Machine Broken for Concrete & Drives, Gravel in various colours & sizes.

I’ve also put this photo on Google Earth.

Mike Moore – Perth, Australia

Hooe Lake Quarry 1954

Hooe Lake Quarry 1954 - F J Moore

Hooe Lake quarry buildings location

Hooe Lake quarry buildings location

Hooe Quarry

Hooe Quarry Building as it is today - Prior to demolition!

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  1. Mike Moore says:

    Alan Wood, would be great to contact you. Regards, Mike Moore

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Mike. I am interested in gaining a bit of information about FJ Moore Ltd. Can you tell me if your great, great grandfather owned the field that is at the end of the garages off Westfield Road, Hooe?
    The reason for my request is: – I am involved with a project to indentify and record all Boundary Markers, Milestones etc in the Plymouth area. This is voluntary for the City Museum, The Old Plymouth Society and in partnership with The Milestone Society.
    Old maps show a ‘Stone’ just inside the gate of the field mentioned earlier. It bears the letters ‘M’&’W’ seperated by a vertical line. We feel this stone marks land ownership, and trying to identify what those letters mean is proving difiicult.
    Using search engines I have input Hexton Hill Quarry and other similar requests. The nearest I have got is that the’M’ may mean Moore (FJ Moore).
    Any help appreciated.

  3. Alan Wood says:

    My Dad worked for F.J.Moore after the second World war by the name of Alec Wood.
    We lived in Plymouth and have heaps of information and photo’s regarding his time spent at F.J.Moore and the stonework done on Plymouth Hoe.

    If you wish any feedback please ask.
    My best wishes….Alan Wood (Australia)

  4. Joseph says:


    Do you have any records of your great great grandfather owning a steam roller? Our family owns a Wallis and Steevens advanced 10 ton steam roller which we belive was new to your great great grandad.


  5. Alison says:

    Nice pics, my grandfather and his brothers and father all worked at Radford quarry.

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