Construction work on Hooe Lake

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Contractors on Estate please co-operate…
This is to update you regarding the contracting work being carried out by Champion on the Hooe Lake Estate.  They are constructing the footpath from the bottom of Lower Saltram (the wooden gate ) to the area in front of the Castle, that was part of the original planning permission.

Work on Hooe Lake

Work on Hooe Lake

To do this they have to put in a series of land drains for surface water, hence the work on the Bay as they are connecting their pipe work to an existing drain. This takes Kingfisher Quay residents one stage further to obtaining ‘A Section 38’, the certification that Plymouth Council has been proactive in trying to obtain.  There is however no ‘job note’ for bollards, resurfacing the area or even filling in the pot holes.

A Section 38 Agreement is a voluntary Agreement between the Highway Authority and the owner of the street for its ultimate adoption, and is the normal method of ensuring that works are carried out to an adoptable standard. See here for details on adoption procedures.

The contractor would like local residents co-operation in ensuring vehicles are NOT parked on pavements or corners as they have large lorries delivering machinery and materials. Access this week has been restricted thus delaying the job, which they hope to have finished by Christmas.

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  1. Jackie Applebee says:

    Pat we have a Directors meeting imminent for Kingfisher Quay, I will put that question on the agenda and I hope to come back with a more informative answer.

  2. Pat Constable says:

    Is there any reason why the Quarry is now accessible ? It used to be securely fenced off with notices re. warnings to trespassers until the contractors were building the new footpath. Any news on what is happening with the Quarry?

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