Do Buzzards Eat Chickens?

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Following on from the sad post about the Buzzard and a trip to Plymouth Museum here are the photo’s of the Buzzard that came swooping around us and the garden.  The Buzzard stayed around for a good 10-15 minutes just looking at us and the chickens!  I don’t know if it too was hungry or looking for it’s lost mate. We have seen the Buzzard on the Chicken coop before but never so tame as to fly around us. We have been assured by a Doctor friend of ours who specialises in raising chickens, that Buzzards do not eat chickens, so that is reassuring.  He certainly has never lost one to a Buzzard and he raises hundreds for show.

Please leave a comment if you know differently that Buzzards do not eat Chickens!

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  1. Philippa says:

    I have, or did have, two chickens who roamed in my large back garden. Yesterday something that looked like a buzzard took one. Only a few feathers remain of her. Two days previously we spotted the demise of a pigeon by a large bird of prey. It was brown with a short tail about 14-15 inches tall.
    Does anybody have any similar experiences?

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