Radford History Walk and Talk

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There will be a Radford walk and Talk on Wednesday 22nd May from 1pm to 3pm 2013. Meet outside the Beckly Centre. Mayers Way. Radford Dip.

Join local historian and Vice-Chairman of the Plymstock Forum, Brian Steele on this guided walk through the historic Radford park and arboretum.  The talk includes the first Elizabethans, Tudor pirates, Civil war, the final days of Radford house and covers the history of Radford from early times to the present day.  The walk visits some of the locations of important events in the history of Plymstock,

The walk and Talk is part of the Plymouth City Council History Festival which is taking place throughout the month of May.  Admission is free and there is no need to book.


Radford as it would have appeared in the mid 16th century

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  1. Brian Steele says:

    Hi Mike,
    Re Radford Walk and Talk.
    I note the comment about the Elizabethan house. Not sure how this drawing appeared in the publicity but it’s not in my programme.
    Neil Mitchell is probably right about the original appearance of the house. No doubt it was an E shape structure but I do not intend to refer to it’s likely appearance in this walk and talk other than what it looked like before its demolition.
    Best wishes

  2. Mike says:


    I’ve just uploaded the latest details on the walk and talk.


  3. alison williams says:

    Do you have any plans to do another walk and talk this year?

  4. I am a little uneasy about your choice of a Midlands/North Western half-timbered house to illustrate an impression of old Radford House as it might have looked in 16th century Elizabethan times.

    Like many Elizabethan Westcountry houses, Radford was built upon an “E” ground plan and entirely of stone. A modern representation of its Elizabethan appearance would thus best be presented using its surviving “clone” – i.e. the West Front (not South Front) of Ashton Court, near Bristol. Next best would be Lanhydrock in Cornwall.

    But, otherwise, keep up the good work!

    Regards, Neill (Mitchell) – Grandson of Radford House’ last owner

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