Kingfisher Quay Management Committee Annual Report July 4th 2015

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Kingfisher quay Management Committee Annual Report July 4th 2015

for trading year ending January 2014

Oreston Yacht Club, The Quay, Oreston ,Plymouth 19.00hrs

Attending : Lower Saltram… John 62 director, Julie 49, Valerie 51, Alison 53 , Steve and Mary 55, Wendy 57 director, Jean 59, Jackie 65 director, Kingfisher Way Sandra 3 director, Jenny 8 director, Geoff 16 director, Brian 23, Shelley 33

Apologies: Fiona 44, joint director, Diane 14, Elaine No 46


John 62 opened the meeting as retiring chairperson at 19.10, it was made clear that as of this date we had not had a member step forward to take over this role.

Jenny 8 presented the financial position and outlined the process we have taken regarding the collection of fees and processes that have been agreed by the Committee starting 2016. During 2014/5 we have involved solicitors , court actions and even taking one member to the Sheriff to remove possessions to the resale value of that owed. That member will start again with Solicitors fees and Sheriff fees on their account.

Jackie 65 talked about breaking down the tasks regarding grounds maintenance into Lawn mowing- 28 times per year, Weed and feed spraying of the lawns …. 4 times per year, Flower beds 3 hours per week, Weeding of parking spaces on public roads

By doing this we have reduced the fees and obtained a better quality service. It was agreed that the rotted fence that had been removed for safety on the Green would be replaced, but members who proposed the replacement need to obtain 3 quotes for labour as we buy the materials directly.

Sandra 3 suggested a continuance of the fence in front of the cars and was told this would need 10 signatures of members in the area.

Geoff 16 and Jenny 8 presented feedback from looking at Maintenance companies and Wendy has yet to obtain a quote. It seems there are companies that are willing to keep the Maintenance fee to £200 per year if we were prepared to “bend our Specification” meaning less lawn mowing, etc. Out of only 11 voting papers returned 1 voted to move to a Management Company, as there were so few votes returned it was agreed this would be presented on October 9th and the final decision taken then.

Wendy 57 spoke about the opportunity to enhance the fence on the Coastal path and voting indicated only one person was in favour of this, so it was agreed that no further action will be taken regarding the fence.

Some members clearly think the role of a Management Committee Volunteers includes that of “ policing the estate”. We are all volunteers with a common goal of enhancing the upkeep of the Amenity Areas: so the value of our property is upheld. Collecting and book keeping annual fees based on TP1 agreement signed at purchase by all members. Purchasing Public Liability Insurance and the practising of due diligence that accompanies that with trees inspected every 3 years, reporting damage to footpaths, salt bins available for winter weather and disclaimers.

Development ideas are now in the hands of the members, by collecting 10 signatures from members and presenting it to the Management Committee,

The Kingfisher Quay Management Annual General Meeting was closed by John Kingdon at 20.30.

Approved by directors on JULY 30th before publication to

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  1. john Kingdon says:

    If everyone observed the requested observations of their TP1’s, the estate would be a better place for it.

    We all pay £200.00 per year for the implementation of the TP1, but the requests are broken by a few members.

  2. Mr Taylor says:

    “We are all volunteers with a common goal of enhancing the upkeep of the Amenity Areas: so the value of our property is upheld”

    What utter tripe, the communal land behind number 65 is a mess and has been for years and has devalued our property!

    Fix it!!

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