Nominate your local green space in Plymouth by 8th January 2016!

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We’ve recently discovered that there is a new initiative called Local Green Space whereby local people can nominate areas they love like wildlife sites, for inclusion in the new Plymouth plan, and if accepted, they will be provided a higher level of protection from development.

This would be a great opportunity to help save Radford Quarry from development in the future. Each individual nomination counts!
You can also nominate more than one area, so this is your chance to protect the areas you love.

Do it now before Christmas and the new year kick in!

Full details on the Local Green Space initiative can be found hereThe deadline is the 8th January 2016

Your chance to stop developers from bulldozing our inner green spaces!

Your chance to stop developers from bulldozing our inner green spaces!

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  1. Ann Callus says:

    Radford Quarry is a really important site and requires all the protection available to preserve it for the residents of the area.

  2. Hugh Janes says:

    Protecting Radford Quarry is a wonderful idea. A lovely natural area that should become part of the Green Space Initiative.

  3. Jill Peckitt says:

    Rad ford quarry should not be developed on. Too intensive housing in an area which already has many houses being built

  4. David Tomalin says:

    Surely, the quarry at Radford is already “naturally attached” to an area of green space namely; The Arboretum with the surrounding lakes, historical buildings, Beckley Centre, extensive woods extending towards Staddiscombe and Goosewell, with the hide, ponds and observation platforms. It’s a no brain er to include the quarry as part of that total area, and may be, tastefully develop it towards an area containing ecologically based projects. Hands off the quarry for houses for ever.

  5. Too intensive housing for DRAINS, ROADS, SCHOOLS,DOCTORS, and no jobs for all those additional people.Plymouth City Council get a grip on reality and leave the existing residents with space to live.

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