Howard’s Marina – New Development Proposal

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Planning Application Relating to the Proposed Development of Howard’s Marina together with a Separate Application for an Associated Clubhouse. Finnigan Road. Plymouth.

The first application is for the proposed development of a new Marina with berths and associated car parking.
The second application is for the proposed Clubhouse associated with the Marina.
The scheme has been designed in consultation with Plymouth City Council Planning Officers.

Click here for details of  the Marina application, environmental issues and any correspondence relating to this project

Note: A new propsal has been submitted since this original post. Details can be found here…

Howard's Marina

New Marina proposal adjacent to the Theatre Royal 2 building

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  1. Mike says:

    Update: The planning application for this development was withdrawn in September 2011

  2. Andrew Webb says:

    I must say that I support the proposed marina development which in turn will create new jobs, encourage marine industries and promote the growth of marine activities. I live a stones throw from the lake and keep a classic sailing boat in Tony Holes marina. To have a place to keep my boat close to home would be great. The demise of the fishing fleets has left many coastal towns with vastly reduced numbers of commercial boats and as a result the once busy ports are now in decline or have ceased trading altogether. I consider this an opportunity to regenerate the area and bring back some of the prosperity which can only be a good thing for local businesses. The visitors to our part of the coast will see just how lucky we are to have such a resource on our doorstep. I hope that the marina will offer some concessions to local boat owners to encourage local people to take up berths in this unique setting.

  3. JD says:

    Are those who are against marina development in Plymouth unaware of the amount of money that sailing \ motorboating puts into the economy of Plymouth? Yes many of these are ‘out of county’ but they spend their money on boat equipment, maintenance etc locally. Also while down here they are more likely to spend money in local bars, restaurants, supermarkets etc. If you look at the Hamble, most boats are not owned locally, but the industry from the boats is huge. We in Plymouth need to do the same.
    If we look further afield to France, again their boating industry is huge, just visit La Rochelle.

  4. greenwave rogers says:

    I agree with Mr Dixon – Plymouth is marina’d out in my view. There are more and more of them, they aren’t attractive, and the forests of masts obscure the view. Is it only me or was the Barbican much more attractive when it sported bobbing brightly colourted fishing vessels, unloading their catch? We do need to maximise our waterfront in Plymouth, but there is more to this than Yacht berths which are largely for those who don’t come from Plymouth. I would rather see commerical or watersports/leisure activity on what is left of Plymouth’s waterfront. Until Plymouth creates more jobs, it will always be poor, as the money it attracts in second homes and yacht berths rapidly vamishes back up the M4/5.

  5. Mr Dixon says:

    Whilst some yacht marinas are necessary, there has to be a balance with local marine industries . Waterfront commercial ship yards providing essential work and services have always been part of Plymouth. Do we want all of Plymouth’s shoreline to be like QAB, Mayflower or Sutton Harbour. Most of the yachts berthed in Plymouth belong to out of county folk who do not contribute to Plymouth’s economy and use our shoreline as easy boat parking. Whereas local commercial marine industries support a whole host of suppliers and trades. Have a look at

  6. David Tomalin says:

    Without knowing the in depth detail, the basic principle of putting a Marina on an existing unsightly mud bank, and also enhance what is at present, an ugly foreshore, seems like a good idea. It will complement the existing Marinas by the Yacht Haven group, and hopefully provide much needed competition to drive berthing prices down. The planners ought to consider in their deliberations, the provision of affordable berths for “the ordinary boater” within the new development. Plymouth’s foreshore is it’s main asset and PCC have been blind to this, hence only at a relatively late stage has it been recognised, whilst other boating towns have already developed their assets years ago and are reaping the benefits accordingly. Any new developments could not be worse than the existing, appalling, junk yard provided by Bostan’s

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