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If you learn your song is less that this, odds are the history isn’t produced enough to generate attention.

Capital punishment in the US differs from 1 state to another. Retribution, i.e., the action of correcting a man because of his misconduct, is the primary goal of imprisonment. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is definitely the most unfortunate kind of punishment. There are a lot of individuals who are discussing the […]

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Latest on Cavanna Homes Bostons Boat Yard from TOWRA

For all residents here is some information on the development in former Boston’s Boatyard. A meeting was held at 37 The Old Wharf on Friday 3rd May at 3pm with David Smith (Build Manager ) from Cavanna Homes and Peter and Penny Lenthall, Lilianna Grainger, Tim Brighton and Pat Constable.

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Boston’s Boatyard topographical survey

An email today confirms that Redrow Homes South West have completed a recent topographical survey “to review the feasibility of redeveloping the adjacent, former, Boston’s boatyard”.  Their surveyor was noticed in The Old Wharf a few days ago. The Senior Land Manager, Ben Leather for Redrow Homes South West, has agreed to contact our Residents’ […]

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The Old Wharf before it was The Old Wharf

The Old Wharf before it was The Old Wharf

Planning permission was granted to Tay Homes S.W.Ltd in 1995 to build 51 houses on the northern side of Hooe Lake. This site had formerly been a limestone quarry then more recently a timber yard. The photograph shows a view of the site some years before the development. In October 1996 a Sales Office was […]

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