Turnchapel and Mountbatten Residents Association Minutes – 22nd September 2011

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Chairman: Mr J.E. Wheeler
Attendance: 21 people.
Apologies on behalf of the following:   Mr Brian Cooper, Mrs Yvonne Featherstone, Cllr Wendy Foster.

Matters Arising
Clovelly Boatyard – Chairman confirmed that the application has been withdrawn. Credit given to the efforts of the residents and Cllr leaves, both of whom played a significant part in maintaining pressure on the Planning department and also the Planning Officer whose rigorous application of the planning criteria resulted in withdrawal. It is likely that any future application for the site will be based on the previous current Marine Employment uses. It was asked if Plymouth City Council could buy the site for amenity land – this is unlikely in the current economic climate
Royal Marines 539 Commando Depot – Not a lot to add other than it has been confirmed that the unit will be moving to a new base in the Dockyard. Residents reinforced their wish that the land be returned to the village.
Turnchapel Village –The issue of listed buildings was raised. It was confirmed that no listed buildings exist in the lower village to the best of resident’s knowledge but elements were part of Conservation Area
Hooe Barn/Hooe Lake Quarry housing proposal – Chairman confirmed he had met with Gary Streeter MP to discuss the Barn and Quarry applications.  There was a discussion about whether the sale of the barn for a nominal sum was at best value to the residents. Some residents are believed to be taking this up with the Council. Hopefully the Chairman will be informed of any outcome and pass this on to residents.
It now appears that the proposed surgery will now be downgraded to a single consulting room. Residents pressed Cllrs Leaves and Ken Foster to lobby for any S106 money accruing from either development to be spent in line with residents wishes wherever possible.
It appears there may be Horseshoe bats in the Quarry. Vick Tucker agreed to take this matter up with the Bat representatives (unclear whether this is a Council officer)
Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II – Chairman confirmed that the event will take place within the RM Depot and will involve MOD and Pilot Gig club. Cllr Leaves suggested that £400 could be made available from the Council’s Community Fund. Chairman to write a letter applying for funds. Any suggestions for activities or offers of help very welcome.
A.O.B – Vic Tucker raised the issue of the gully cleaning that was supposed to be sorted two meetings ago. There had been some cleaning but this was piecemeal with no apparent co-ordination. Cllrs were asked to take this up with AMEY, the Council’s contractor.
One resident raised the issue of the public slipway by 539 depot which is deteriorating
Residents asked Cllr Leaves if something could be done to clean the parking spaces opposite the Clovelly Bay Inn. Cllr Leaves agreed to pursue this.
The state of the steps to the terrace by the Boringdon Arms was raised as these are very worn and can be hazardous, particularly in wet weather. It appears that these steps may not be owned by anyone. It was asked if the Council could adopt the steps, this is unlikely but it will be looked into.

Mike Walton
Secretary – Turnchapel & Mountbatten Residents Association

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Hooelake.org is run by myself to raise awareness for the area as a whole, to create a membership that can join forces and help protect its wildlife and habitats. This was born out by its core members rallying together and playing an important part in saving Radford Quarry. It’s content relies on pictures, stories and accounts from locals sent to me. There is a section for the local groups but it relies on them sending me the information, or if they have access logging in and adding the information themselves. Can I suggest you take all these points up with the chairman of your local group. If it’s sent to me I’ll post it up, or preferably they do that themselves. Unfortunately I don’t have the resource to chase i’m afraid. Thank you. Mike

  2. Cathy Harris says:

    This ‘association’ is required to make public the Agenda for any upcoming meetings at least two days in advance. I have made enquires about the meeting to be held in the Boringdon Arms on the 24th September 2015 without success.
    If your group is representing a community, you are obliged by law, to show transparency and publish the forthcoming agenda in a public area. This site would probably be the appropriate arena for that. Residents must have the opportunity to either change their work schedules (if there is an issue they feel strongly about) or write their views which must be read out at the meeting with their apologies- this is a lawful mandate to indicate inclusion for all.
    Also, why have there been no minutes posted for previous meetings since 2011?
    More importantly, why are there no AGM minutes ?
    These should be posted annually and include the voting process for elections .
    I look forward to a speedy response . Thank you Cathy Harris (33 years a resident).

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